Training, career and distinctions

Daniela Conejero is a Chilean composer, singer, and percussionist who became interested in the arts at an early age. She learns to play guitar and writes her first songs while still in high school, and as a consequence she later decides to study composition at the Facultad de Artes de la Universidad de Chile and in parallel studies classical singing with master Patricia Herrera. Later, she moves to France to study Traditional Percussions at the Conservatorio d’ Aubervilliers- Courneuve and expands her study of world music in North Africa.

From the start of her professional career, she becomes a key member of choirs and folk dance and music groups, and becomes an active member of renowned bands such as Santa Mentira, Sindicato Sonoro, and La PedroBand, among others. Between 2003 and 2013 participates in recordings with these bands, and currently, she is part of the ensemble Aluna, a project that seeks to preserve the Latin American cultural heritage related to Christmas celebrations.

As a solo artist, Conejero has produced several albums: Ángel de Ciro (LP 2007), Superhéroe (EP 2007-2011), Nacido Libre (EP Francia-2011)  and Vamp! (LP 2013). She has also shared the stage with prominent artists, both in Chile and abroad. Several times, she has been finalist in the Concurso de Composición Luis Advis (The Luis Advis Composition Contest), and in 2011 was awarded the first place with her single Flor de Loto, included in the album Pasajero, recorded as a duo project with the guitarist Simon Gonzalez in 2012.

As an interpreter, she is constantly invited to participate as a recording artist with other bands and solo artists, such as Margarita Negra y Camino de Vuelta (Federico Wolf), Verde Violeta (Aline Gonçalves y Simón Schriever), Leuda (Santiago del Nuevo Extremo), Grita y Ríe (Romina Guardino/México), La Cosecha (Nano Stern), Made in Bordeuax (Guaka/Francia). In addition, thanks to her successful career and versatile ability as a singer of diverse popular music styles, she is part of the ongoing music programming of important theaters and concert halls.

Currently, she is a vocal coach, and singing and percussion professor at Ciudad Deleitosa, as part of the Escuela Itinerante “Sabiduría Nómade” project, and at the Conservatorio de Música y Bellas Artes del Sur in Puerto Varas, and continues her work as composer, singer-songwriter to complete her new project Nómade, a new solo album in collaboration with other artists.


2018 Winner of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest

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