John lennon songwriting contest finalist

Daniela Conejero won with a song dedicated to her son and now she is going for the biggest prize

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Daniela Conejero participated in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with Notre Vol, a song inspired by her son. Thanks to this, Daniela a few weeks ago found out that she had won in the World Music category, however she did not know that she could still aspire to first place, so she activated her campaign to publicize the issue and call for a popular vote. The Chilean highlights that she wanted to make a happy song, that appeals to tenderness and that is written in French because of the closeness she feels with this language after going to study percussion in Paris a few years ago. «This lyric came to me naturally and when I wrote it in Spanish it didn’t fit rhythmically. It was inspired by my 5-year-old son for whom I composed a simple piece that he would want to dance to easily and that made him feel happy immediately. It is an invitation to travel with the imagination, visiting the moon and the planets on a magical train, images that he and many boys and girls love and awaken their desire to dream».

Without expecting it, the song motivated the singer-songwriter to share it and circulate the link to the platform of the international contest run by Yoko Ono. Daniela was very excited to see what she achieved in the contest. «I am a big fan of The Beatles, and when I was a child I drew them crossing Abbey Road and I stood behind them» she says, hoping that the anecdote is a sign that can bring her closer to her favorite group through this contest. If she finally wins with the help of the popular vote, the singer could receive the prize from Ringo Starr. Those who want to support the Chilean singer-songwriter can vote daily on the contest website, also opting to win an electric guitar.

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