Sabiduría Nómade

Traveling school

Sabiduría Nómade (Nomadic Wisdom) is an innovative itinerant music school that, since its founding almost a decade ago by Daniela Conejero, has been committed to core values that guide its work. Our mission is to bring musical experience and knowledge wherever it is needed, from isolated communities to schools and colleges, promoting inclusion and cultural diversity.
Currently located in Frutillar, Creative City of Music, our school is integrated by a music collective and cultural managers who share values of respect, collaboration and social commitment. We adapt to the needs and preferences of our students and communities, providing flexibility in teaching formats and promoting the creation of collaborative projects that involve diverse community actors.
We offer workshops such as: «From Singing to Percussion» and «Singing and Percussion Workshop for Women», the latter designed by Daniela, from the particular request of a women’s collective; «Searching for the Sounds of Jazz», is a course created by guitarist Italo Aguilera, to explore with precise tools the full sense of the creative ability of each student. In addition, our Latin American Music for Rural Schools workshop, directed by Lumi Bahamondes and Felipe Conejero, has been recognized for its excellence and has obtained the National Music Promotion Fund for Educational Activities for two consecutive years. Other workshops are:
– Popular Ensemble Workshop
– Doppler Effect «Creating from Music and Science».
– Singing Workshop for Babies
– Musical Exploration Workshop
– Coaching for Auditions
– Individual Classes in Singing, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Composition and Arrangements.
Our school also distinguishes itself by organizing interdisciplinary educational activities that combine music with other areas such as science, journalism and history. We believe in the importance of enriching the students’ experience through interdisciplinary knowledge.
The distinctive focus of Sabiduría Nómade resides in the exploration of World Music, which involves the study and practice of a wide variety of musical styles and traditions, especially those coming from the popular rhythms and genres.
Sabiduría Nómade in the Center High School KC
Sabiduría Nómade in the KCK Community College
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